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Our Process
Sell more, faster
Stop out-of-control discounting
Fix bloated pipelines
Be fearless about price increases

Sales and Pricing Execution for Sustainable Profit

Success in sales doesn’t happen by simply pulling tips and tricks out of a bag.

Long-term profitable growth requires a comprehensive strategy to improve sales productivity, effectiveness, and pricing execution.

Our data-driven, customized approach to your people, processes, pricing, and pipeline will boost your profits.

Create Growth for Your Top and Bottom Line

Why do we bring selling and pricing together? Because our always-custom, data-driven process maximizes your profitability, not just top line sales. You’ll sell more at higher prices faster, creating explosive growth for your bottom line.

Confidently increase prices

Just after COVID-19 hit, we delivered a program to help a sales team execute a necessary price increase.  The team was nervous but they were able to increase sales by 30% and deliver the highest margin in the company’s 40-year history.

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Stop the turnover

Struggling with significant turnover, we helped a company build a systematic and repeatable hiring process. Using this system, new hires were generating 219% more average recurring revenue than previous hires following ramp-up.

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Employ a profit-producing selling system

We changed the skills and mindset of a sales team from ‘commodity’ to ‘valued-added product’ with training, a new sales plan, and accountability measures. The team recorded it’s second highest sales month in the company’s 65-year history.

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“I have been in and around sales a long time and this is absolutely the best program I have experienced.”

Wayne Beck | Acom Integrated Solutions

Develop Your Team To Maximize Profits

Many organizations struggle with the same problems in their sales teams, whether they operate in B2B, B2G, or B2C environments, sell goods or services, and across every industry:

  • Prospecting is anemic and ineffective
  • Opportunities hang around in the pipeline far too long or they just fade away
  • More energy is spent negotiating internally for better deals on behalf of customers than on selling your true value
  • Most salespeople would rather get a root canal than pass a price increase on to customers

And to solve these problems, there’s an infinite supply of tips, tricks, and scripts out there. Yet plug-and-play solutions don’t change behaviors.

Tactics will only get your team so far.

You have to build your sales team’s skillset and mindset so they can help your customers connect with the true value of your products and services.

We work with salespeople and sales managers in a comprehensive manner to dramatically improve sales and profit.

Why Mindset Matters


have self-limiting beliefs derailing the sale before it even begins


aren’t comfortable discussing money, leading to out-of-control discounting


don’t follow a repeatable sales process, resulting in messy prospecting and lost sales


aren’t proficient at negotiating, leaving potential sales and profits on the table

Our Proven Profit Process

We start our engagements with a diagnosis to uncover the underlying cause of the symptoms you observe.  Our proven process identifies those areas that you may not be aware are negatively impacting your team’s success.  Then we can formulate a plan to address your organization’s specific needs.


Identify relevant roadblocks preventing sales & pricing success.


Devise the custom solution for your team to accelerate profit growth.


Build skills to find, qualify, and close more profitable sales faster.

About Us

“Boost Profits shone a light on our behaviors and helped us dispel our preconceived notions as it relates to value vs. price. With very similar top-line numbers, we are seeing incredible uptick in bottom-line performance as a result of the training.”

Nick Meter | Tangram Interiors

Boost Your Profits, Permanently