10 Sales Leadership Tips for 10 Years

This month, March 2019, marks Braveheart’s 10th year in business. We’ve reached this milestone because of all our wonderful clients, those that have referred us clients, those that have supported our efforts and those that we have learned from. Thank you all!

To Lori Richardson (@scoremoresales) and Jill Konrath (@jillkonrath), along with all the Women Sales Pros (@WomenSalesPros) that I have come to know, I appreciate you.

And to Dave Kurlan (@KurlanAssoc) and Objective Management Group (@ObjectiveMGMT), thank you for providing the science and data that enables us to help so many sales organizations around the globe.

10 for 10 Sales Leadership Tips

In celebration of our ten years of service, I thought I’d provide ten of my favorite sales leadership tips.

  1. Set clear expectations. Don’t be bashful about this.
  2. Coach don’t tell. Help the other person gain proficiency by doing not watching.
  3. Sales managers don’t have to have all the answers.
  4. Use sales meeting time to help each person get something out of it. Make it a shared learning environment.
  5. Cause salespeople to take ownership of outcomes by requiring them to create their own plan of attack.
  6. Maintain veto power of their plan of attack if it isn’t working.
  7. It IS part of your job to inspire salespeople to achieve goals. Tie their goals with company goals to easily motivate.
  8. You are not your salespeople’s friend. You are more like a kind but tough uncle, aunt or teacher. Let them know when they are not living up to expectations.
  9. The best way to improve your salespeople’s skills is to have them practice, practice, practice.
  10. Require continuous growth and development of you and them. The marketplace is changing too rapidly to stand still.

What are your favorite sales leadership tips?  Comment, email or tweet me with them!