Tailored Solutions to Increase Profits through Sales and Price

Don’t Accept a One-Size-Fits-All Approach. It Never Fits.

A lot of sales training and coaching companies are focused on skills—how to prospect, what to say, how to build a solid pipeline—and we are too.

But it’s not just knowing how to do something.

You have to address the hidden mindset pitfalls stopping your salespeople from delivering on those skills day-in and day-out. Until you uncover the self-limiting beliefs constantly getting in the way of the sale, those unseen pitfalls will sabotage your success.

We’ve worked with hundreds of companies across countless industries with one goal in mind:

to transform sales teams into wildly successful, self-sufficient profit powerhouses.

Remove Roadblocks, Change Behaviors, and Maximize Profitable Growth

At Boost Profits, we work with companies ready to dig in and make profound, sustainable change, not just apply a temporary Band-Aid.
For years we’ve helped our clients transform their sales teams into well-oiled sales and profit-boosting machines.

Our Custom-Fit Process


Do you have the right people with the right skills to achieve your goals?


Do your systems and processes produce repeatable efficient results?


Is your team equipped to earn the highest prices possible for the excellence you provide?


Is the pipeline reliable, predictive and robust?

Our team is ready to help you boost your profits.

Our Team is Ready To Help You Boost Your Profits

Our always-custom, data-driven process maximizes your profitability, not just top line sales. You’ll sell more at higher prices faster, creating explosive growth for your bottom line. Check out our results and their corresponding services to the right.

Holding strong to your price

Just after COVID-19 hit, we delivered a program to help a sales team stay focused, motivated, and engaged. Even with the market downturn, the company won more business at higher prices—and beat its competitors.

Training & Development
Stopping turnover

Struggling with significant turnover, we helped a company build a systematic and repeatable hiring process. Using this system, new hires were generating 219% more average recurring revenue than previous hires following ramp-up.

Hiring for Profit
Mapping a profitable process

We changed the skills and mindset of a sales team from ‘commodity’ to ‘valued-added product’ with training, a new sales plan, and accountability measures. The team recorded it’s second highest sales month in the company’s 65-year history.

Profitability Framework

Our Team

Gretchen Gordon

Gretchen Gordon

Casey Brown

Casey Brown


Alex Hayes

Vice President of Operations

Kendall Horner

Director of Sales & Client Success
Sharon Crowley

Sharon Crowley

Business Operations Manager
Jeff Cramer

Jeff Cramer

Sales Assessment Specialist
Pam Rodefer

Pam Rodefer

Sales Coach & Trainer

Chris Mott

Sales Coach & Trainer
Doug Butdorf

Doug Butdorf

Senior Profitability Consultant

How We Boost Our Community

We aim to live our values everyday through philanthropy and volunteerism.
We support the following organizations:

Performs cleft lip and palate repair surgeries around the world.

Brings independence back to our nation’s most severely wounded veterans.

Pelotonia is a community determined to see an end to cancer.

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