About Us

Improving Sales Performance With Boost’s Tested Suite of Solutions.

Boost Profits is a sales and pricing consultancy like no other.  The company was recently formed as a collaboration of Boost Pricing, a pricing consulting firm that helped clients get paid for the excellence they deliver, and Braveheart Sales Performance, a sales transformation firm that combined the art and science of selling to help client companies overachieve.

The merger brings two companies together that were focused on helping sales teams improve in different ways. The resulting company provides unique expertise in both sales leadership and pricing confidence, allowing Boost Profits to help sales organizations improve both selling and pricing skillsets and the mindsets that contribute to or sabotage sales success. The Boost team’s passion for data and science as it applies to revenue growth is the foundation of all engagements, enabling the tailoring of custom programs for clients.

The combined company is comprised of pricing and sales experts who are dedicated to helping clients achieve more sales, higher prices and improved profits.

    Gretchen Gordon, CEO

        Casey Brown, President

           Sharon Crowley

     Director of Operations

Jeff Cramer, Account Manager

  Sales Assessment Specialist

              Pam Rodefer

     Sales Growth Specialist

              Jill Campen

 Senior Pricing Consultant

              Doug Butdorf

    Senior Pricing Consultant