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We are always looking for exceptional people to join our boutique consulting firm. Boost Profits helps organizations sell more, at higher prices to increase profits, and was created as a merger between Braveheart Sales Performance and Boost Pricing at the end of 2020.  We are protective of our culture because our team is a deeply motivated group of individuals working in tandem to live our core values of:

  • We play for each other
  • We are human and honest
  • We hunger for more
  • We create wildly successful customers

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Gretchen Gordon, CEO shares our Mission & Vision

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Casey Brown, President shares our Values & Culture

We have implemented EOS™ and are positioned to grow exponentially with a vision to help 1,000 sales teams become overachievers in the next few years. Our work is important not only for the organizations we help, but for the ripple effect that our work has across the companies we serve, including the employees and their families, and the communities in which our clients serve. We are also dedicated to supporting the work of these important organizations, and donate a portion of company profits to them.

Our Proven Process

We’ve worked with hundreds of companies across countless industries, and we know that off-the-shelf programs and one-size-fits-all approaches don’t work. To implement a long-lasting profit-boosting strategy, we follow a proven process that brings the results you want.

1. Diagnose

Identify relevant roadblocks preventing sales & pricing success.

2. Tailor

Customize the solution for your team to accelerate sales.

3. Transform

Build skills to find, qualify, and close more profitable sales faster.

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