Case Studies

Real-Life Stories On Improving Profit Performance

Case Study Examples of Problems We Solve

This collection of client results provides an overview of the varied solutions we provide.

Implementing a Price Increase with Confidence

A client company felt like they missed their opportunity to raise prices.

Fighting the “Commodity” Mindset

A metal fabricating client was tired of having its products shopped like commodities and wanted to expand into new industries.

Finding a Better Way to Hire

A software client of ours was intent on adding a salesperson to its sales group to call nationally on its Fortune 500 targets.

How to Motivate Without Bonuses

A client had recently changed their compensation plan from a salary plus bonus structure to a fixed salary environment due to political pressures.

Stop the Turnover

Significant turnover was stopping a client from growing and producing ROI. Refining the sales hiring process improved retention and tripled revenue.

The Right Compensation Plan Goes a Long Way Toward Changing Behavior

We were engaged by a client who needed behaviors to change in order to support specific corporate sales goals.

The Right Sales Manager Coupled with Sales Team Skill Building: A Winning Combination

We were engaged by a client to help the sales team execute at a higher level in a newly created division.

To Promote the Best Salesperson to Manager or Not…That is the Question

A client company had recently terminated their sales manager and was contemplating what to do.

Reducing Reliance on the Sales Manager’s Sales

An industrial client company had promoted their best salesperson to manager while the company was too dependent on his sales.