Doug Butdorf

Doug Butdorf

 Senior Pricing Consultant

Meet Doug

A Pricing Fanatic With a Passion For People

Doug Butdorf, Senior Pricing Consultant at Boost Profits, is seasoned in pricing, sales, marketing, and business development at Fortune 500 corporations and start-ups alike.
Doug has significant experience and expertise in a wide variety of business arenas, including B2B and direct-to-consumer e-commerce development, vendor-managed inventory processes, construction and building products, warehousing, and capital raising. Doug has commercialized pricing optimization initiatives and led pricing training across a national sales force. In each of his businesses, he has delivered strong growth and profit performance with optimum market pricing using Boost pricing methodologies.
Doug holds a degree in Cultural Studies and Economics and is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt. He lives in Plattsburgh, New York with his family, where he is active in his local community.

“Doug is clearly passionate about pricing and its application to sales. He makes what could be a complicated topic and breaks it down in a simple way that makes it actionable. Excellent!”

“In nearly twenty years of exposure to Vistage speakers, Doug’s presentation provided the most significant immediate return on action. My VP/Ops heard Doug on Monday and before I returned from hearing the presentation on Wednesday, our company already had higher dollar invoices being issued. Doug’s ideas alone are returning multiple times ROI on our Vistage investment.”

“Doug’s presentation was energetic, conversational, story-filled, and very interactive. I thought he was as good at delivery as his content was insightful. Thank you, Doug!!!”

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