Solutions for Companies Running on EOSTM

Do You Have GWC Questions about Your Sales Department?

We Deliver Pricing and Sales Solutions for Your Unique Needs to Help Your Team Get It, Want It and Have the Capacity to Do It


If You Witness These Symptoms, We Can Help

  • Fear-based Discounting
  • Bloated Pipelines That Are Not Predictive
  • Unsatisfactory Lead Generating Activity
  • Compressing Margins
  • Lack of Sales Urgency
  • Revenue Not Growing as Fast as Desired
  • Unreasonably Long Sales Cycles

Ensure You Have the Right People in the Right Seats in Sales

With Your Existing Team and When Hiring 


Pricing and Sales Training to Help them Get It

If They Want It and Have the Capacity to Do It, We Can Help Them Get It.

We Meet You Where You Are

  • Live and Virtual Training and Coaching
  • Holistic Approach Enveloping Sales and Managers
  • Blended Learning Structure to Ensure Adoption and Growth

Hiring for GWC and for Profits.

When Hiring We Guarantee They Get It, Want It and Have the Capacity to Do It.

You can’t afford to get it wrong.

  • Implement a Repeatable Process to Ensure Success
  • Reduce Wasted Time with Sales Duds
  • Use Data to Tailor for Your Specific Needs

Increase Profits Quickly through Pricing

Avoid the High Cost of Hiring Mistakes

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Test drive the award-winning sales candidate assessments with access for FREE.  

We use the #1 rated Objective Management Group’s tools in our program to help you eliminate time, energy and money on the wrong candidates. 

Hire right while implementing a fool-proof repeatable process.

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“My sales team was acting like they’d been shot out of a cannon and already I’m seeing results.”

Gene Richau | T&R Lumber Company

Our Work

Bringing the whole team up to par

A sales organization had some productive salespeople, some not so much and one very overworked sales manager.  Through coaching, sales team training, and better sales hiring we boosted their profits, and made sure everyone on the team was performing at their very best.

The results:

139% revenue growth in the first year

Streamlined and self-sufficient team holding each accountable to changed behaviors

Confidently increase prices

Just after COVID-19 hit we delivered a program to help a sales team execute a necessary and overdue price increase.  The team was scared and nervous to do so.  But margins were dropping  and the company had delayed the increase too long.

The results: 

Sales increased 30% over the prior year

Delivered the highest margin in the company’s 40-year history

Our Profit Boosting Solutions

Increase Profits Quickly through Pricing

Avoid the High Cost of Hiring Mistakes

Predictably Grow Sales 

Implement Repeatable Processes

All Our Work Provides a 100% Money Back Guarantee

(we’ve never been asked)

Help Yourself to These Tools

Simple Profitability Plan

Want to increase revenue and profit? Generating more leads, having more activity and more appointments aren’t the only answers.

Value Proposition Creation Toolkit

If your products and services are excellent, you should be paid excellently!  The Value Proposition Creation Toolkit can help improve the ability to have more robust value conversations with prospects and clients.  Download it now.

Confessions of a Reformed Control Freak

Do you need a little nudge to “let go of the vine?” If you are a control freak (and many entrepreneurs are), join Casey Brown, President of Boost Profits to experience more freedom, and get what you want out of your business.  Download the form now and begin your journey.

Our Proven Profit Process

We start our engagements with a diagnosis to uncover the underlying cause of the symptoms you observe.  Our proven process identifies those areas that you may not be aware are negatively impacting your team’s success.  Then we can formulate a plan to address your organization’s specific needs.


Identify relevant roadblocks preventing sales & pricing success.


Devise the custom solution for your team to accelerate profit growth.


Build skills to find, qualify, and close more profitable sales faster.

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