How to Get the Most Out of Watching the Olympics

I love the Olympics. It’s not about just rooting for our country’s athletes or the thrill of competition. Yes, those are great to watch, but what I find most exciting is seeing some of the greatest athletes in the world prepare for what may be only a once or twice in a lifetime opportunity to prove they are the best at what they do.

I love how they get ready to compete. How they weave the event in their mind. What draws me in most is the obvious mental prep these Olympic athletes undergo. The visualization of their ski runs, the run through of the half-pipe or how they will glide across the ice.

I wish more salespeople would practice a little of the same mental prep before they walk into a sales meeting or get on a call. Just 60 seconds of thought beforehand would amount to about 60 times more preparation than what many salespeople do.

Sales managers could help too, by being their coach and requiring practice and preparation just like Olympic coaches do for their athletes. Here are a two previous articles on the topics of preparation and practice that you can read and share to help inspire your sales athletes.

Then turn on the Olympics and watch how important preparation is. While you at it, I’d love to hear what your favorite Olympic moments are. Tweet me @braveheartSales or message me on LinkedIn and let me know.