The “Good Guy Discount”

Nothing heavy in this blog post, folks.  Just a segment from This American Life about the ole’ “Good Guy Discount.”  Thirteen minutes of listening pleasure to play in the background while you write emails or balance your checkbook.  The “Good Guy Discount” request works 20% of the time, according to this story.

This segment unfolds in consumer retail, and therefore doesn’t directly relate to most of my client base.  But there is salience:  customers will ask for discounts even when they value your products and services and even when they are willing to pay you full asking price.  Why?  Because it can’t hurt to ask.  Don’t fall for the “Can’t Hurt To Ask” tactic.  Customers often act like they aren’t going to buy unless you drop your price even when it’s not true.  They present a phantom volume threat to get your stuff for less than it’s worth.  They’re in the “Can’t Hurt To Ask” Club.  You know this happens because you’ve probably done it too.  Don’t give away your superior quality, service, and value for less than it’s worth out of fear of phantom volume loss.

Happy listening!

Prologue – 6 Minutes

Story – 7 Minutes