Gretchen Gordon

CEO of Boost Profits

Meet Gretchen

A Sales Nerd who is NOT a natural born salesperson.

Gretchen Gordon

Gretchen’s fresh approach connects immediately with business owners, CEOs and leadership teams.  She uses a powerful combination of humor, storytelling, in-your-face facts, and practical advice to help executives understand how to transform their sales teams from underperforming to outperforming expectations by combining the skills necessary for success while addressing the mindset necessary for optimal results.  She brings a unique perspective in that she is not a natural-born salesperson.

Gretchen is a published author of one of the Top 50 Sales Management Blogs and is recognized as a Sales Leadership Expert and a Sales Futurist by Top Sales World.  She has published multiple eBooks on various sales leadership topics. Gretchen’s down-to-earth sales acceleration messages have appeared in Selling Power and Top Sales Magazine. And she has been a frequent guest on numerous sales and sales leadership podcasts and webinars.

When she isn’t saving the world one sales team at a time, you can find her on the golf course working on improving her golf skills and golf mindset.

“Gretchen – Thank you so much for the excellent presentation today!  You are so knowledgeable and we really appreciate you giving your time and expertise to our ESX audience. Your presentations are always chock full of great tips and advice for sales managers and personnel.”

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