Casey Brown Shares the Stage with Patrick Lencioni, Gino Wickman, and Marcus Allen

Casey Brown, President of Boost Profits, kicked off the EOS™ Conference on April 21, 2022 as the morning Keynote speaker. Presenting to a crowd of nearly 2,000 business owners and leaders, Brown captivated the audience with her presentation titled “Confessions of a Reformed Control Freak.”

Brown merged her business, Boost Pricing, with Braveheart Sales Performance in January 2021 to form Boost Profits. Until that time, Brown had operated as the typical entrepreneur: working long hours, controlling every aspect of the business, and feeling unfulfilled and tired by owning a business. When Brown and her now business partner, Gretchen Gordon, decided to combine their operations, they began by implementing EOS™, the Entrepreneurial Operating System.

By following the EOS™ process, the pair have grown Boost Profits dramatically. They added key individuals to important roles in the company, building a foundation for exponential growth while reducing the company’s reliance on the owners. Brown states “If we had not implemented EOS™, we may never have completed our merger.” Boost Profits is supported in the process by Alex Freytag, Expert EOS™ Implementer.

In her talk, Brown, a self-proclaimed control freak, shared the sense of freedom she now feels combined with the improved operations of the company and the juxtaposition of letting go while creating more steadiness and control in the business. The personal and authentic story that Brown shared was inspiring and provided hope to hundreds of entrepreneurs in the audience who are on the same journey.

The three main takeaways from Casey’s talk were:

  • Put your ego aside when building a business.
  • Get the Right People in the Right Seats as fast as possible to enable letting go of the vine.
  • Raise your prices, raise your prices, raise your prices!

Casey is a sought-after expert on pricing, pricing confidence, and getting paid excellently for the value provided. She delivered a TEDx talk on the subject that has been viewed over 5 million times. Throughout the conference, other speakers gave accolades to Casey and her delivery of the important points.

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