Gretchen Gordon Highlighted on Podcast

Gretchen Gordon, Boost Profits’ CEO was featured on the “One of a Kind Sales” podcast recently where she discussed the pitfalls of traditional sales training.  Including instances where individuals are told what to say and how to say it.  Rather, the need for a customized approach which addresses both selling skills and the mindset of the individual is especially important in today’s market.

She also revealed that she is not a born salesperson and quit Girl Scouts as a youngster because of the cookie sale.  She had a negative mindset about knocking on neighbors’ doors and interrupting them.  This negative mindset nearly crippled her sales career as an adult but fortunately, she was mentored and was able to become a top-producing salesperson and manager before founding Braveheart Sales Performance, a predecessor company to Boost Profits.

Listen to the podcast here.