Outsourced Sales Management

Are You Interested In Outsourced Sales Management?

Some people call it Fractional Sales Leadership or Fractional VP of Sales or Fractional CRO.  We would love to help you with this, but we have found that this service is not all it’s cracked up to be.  You see we used to provide it as a service and found that it never seemed to work the way the CEO or Business Owner was intending.

Two Reasons Outsourced Sales Management Might Not Work Well

  1. The Outsourced Sales Manager isn’t truly the “boss” so any performance issues still require a leader within the company to engage. This does not solve the problem that is typically present, which is that the leader doesn’t have the capacity or desire to be involved with managing salespeople.
  2. The fractional sales leader is generally not a “less expensive” solution. While it might sound like a great option to get part of an experienced sales leader for part of their salary, there is a cost.  You will not have built a fully functioning independently accountable sales organization and when it is time to hire a full-time sales manager to lead the team, it will be quite disruptive, which comes with significant cost. And the actual fee might not be as low as you would like.

You’d be better off hiring the right sales leader/manager to drive sales through your team as opposed to having a part-time outsourced resource – it isn’t like Fractional CFOs, where accounting principles are all the same. It takes time (and money) to understand your client, your sales landscape, and your people.

So maybe it isn’t an actual outsourced or fractional sales leader that you need.  Maybe you just need some help with certain elements such as implementing infrastructure that will provide a structure and process to enable the team to execute more effortlessly.  Or possibly you need coaching or mentoring for someone on your team to help them learn how to become a sales manager or leader.  Or maybe what you really need is help identifying just the right sales leader to hire.  We can help with all these items and would be happy to discuss with you.  Just let us know what your situation is.

If you are still convinced that a part-time, outsourced, or fractional sales leader is the answer, let us know and we will try to put you in touch with people who do this type of work.

How We May Be Able to Help

Grow Sales Consistently and Predictably

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Avoid the High Cost of Hiring Mistakes

Implement Repeatable Processes