Get Paid Well for Your Excellence

People Produce Margins.  Strategy Alone Won’t.

You can have a perfect pricing structure and process in place, but somehow your margins still shrink. Unconfident or ineffective salespeople will figure out a way around the pricing disciplines you have in place and will discount out of fear. They don’t price to win business, they price not to lose.

And in a time when costs are soaring, unless your sales team is skilled at overcoming price objections, adept at rolling out price increases to customers, and expert at selling the true value of your services or products, profits will suffer.


What We Deliver

  • Reveal customer tactics and arm your team with effective counter-measures
  • Point you to areas of your business where you are underpriced
  • Stop out-of-control, unnecessary, and fear-based discounting
  • Boost your confidence in negotiating, overcoming price objections and rolling out price increases


A Tailored Pricing Solution

Through our marquis tailored pricing training and development program, Pricing Power Series, we help transform teams into profit-generating engines who sell with confidence and command the excellent price that your company deserves. Based on our analysis of your sales organization, our Pricing Power Series is tailored to your organization to ensure maximum engagement, impact, and results.


Pricing Power Series Components

  • In-depth preparation including interviews, questionnaires, data, and analysis to identify obstacles that sabotage pricing execution
  • Live, instructor-led workshops, heavily focused on application and practice for maximum participation and engagement
  • Supportive e-Learning resources including courses on topics such as “Successful Price Increases” and “Handling Price Objections” and downloadable pricing worksheets and tools
  • Personalized Pricing Scorecards for each salesperson identifying strengths, skills, and gaps specifically limiting pricing power
  • Expert-delivered manager coaching for sales managers to reinforce concepts, build effectiveness, and ensure execution of pricing strategy.

Don’t Let Obstacles Sabotage Profits

We understand all the potential obstacles that sabotage profits and can help your team become proficient at maintaining and increasing price to maximize profitability.

We follow a proven process to tailor programs to help your team achieve greater pricing and profit success.


“Working with our team to thoroughly understand our value propositions, we were able to successfully increase our pricing by 50% improving profitability that we could reinvest in new products for our customers.”

CEO | Software Company, Midwest

Our Proven Process For More Profitable Sales

Determine underlying cause of current situation
Devise solutions to grow profitable revenue
Implement the highest ROI solutions

Get started on your path to increased price and profits today.


Resources to Help with Pricing

Profitability Levers

Use this model to run “what-if” scenarios with changes in price, direct and overhead costs, and volume to understand the impact of the most critical financial levers for profitability in your company.

Simple Profitability Plan

Want to increase revenue and profit? Generating more leads, having more activity and more appointments aren’t the only answers.

Price Objections Workbook

Frequently, price objections stand in the way of getting paid for your company’s excellence.  Download the “Price Objections Workbook” to start the journey of building stronger messaging and confidence in managing price objections.

If you aren’t interested in a tailored approach to help your team with pricing and profits, we have DIY programs you might like as well.  Same concepts, in a self-paced platform.