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Build a Sales Team That Performs

Sales hires are the most difficult and most costly if they aren’t the right fit. But selecting and onboarding the right sales talent is no easy feat.

We’ll work alongside you to build a hiring system that’s repeatable, reliable, and precise to help you build a high-performing sales team that consistently overachieves.

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What we deliver:

Sales talent that outperforms & outproduces their peers
Avoidance of costly hiring mistakes
Speedier ramp up
Efficiency in hiring sales talent
Repeatable results
Improved retention of sales talent

“Boost Profits helped us institute a more structured approach to our sales team hiring, which has produced outstanding results. I highly recommend their approach if you want to eliminate bad hires in your sales organization.”

Larry Halpern | Safe Systems

Hire Better for More Profit, Less Turnover

Select the right sales talent for the job and get them to quota faster. You’ll go from high turnover to high performing with talent selection and onboarding solutions built for your company.

Our process guarantees success.

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Our Work

Stop the turnover

Struggling with significant sales team turnover, a company was held back from its growth potential. Through evaluation and coaching we helped a company build a systematic and repeatable hiring process.

The results:

Salespeople hired using this process outperformed previous hires by 122%
By month 5, their average recurring revenue was 339% more than other more seasoned employees

Find a Better Way to Hire

Stressed about the inability to find, hire and retain quality sales talent a CEO was spending way too much time on the problem.  Through implementing our process we helped them increase hiring success.

The results:

Positions were filled within in 8 weeks of posting the openings – which was a dramatic improvement
The CEO was able to let go of the problem and focus on capital raising

Our Proven Profit Process

We start our engagements with a diagnosis to uncover the underlying cause of the symptoms you observe.  Our proven process identifies those areas that you may not be aware are negatively impacting your team’s success.  Then we can formulate a plan to address your organization’s specific needs.


Identify relevant roadblocks preventing sales & pricing success.


Devise the custom solution for your team to accelerate profit growth.


Build skills to find, qualify, and close more profitable sales faster.

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“We have increased both the average installation revenue per rep and the average RMR sold per rep considerably over last year. Boost Profits has helped us upgrade our sales team to achieve this improved efficiency and increased effectiveness.”

Brian Duffy | Per Mar Security

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Tools to Help with Sales Hiring

Sales Hiring Mistake Calculator

Do you feel like hiring sales talent is a “hope and pray” endeavor? If you have concerns about your sales talent-hiring effectiveness try this quick and free calculator to provide insight into where improvements can be made. You will receive results immediately with ideas for improvement.

Sales Hiring – Build A Profit-Producing Engine

Want to improve your sales hiring practices?   In this eBook, we provide an overview of a winning process to help you interview and select the right sales talent.  And hiring the right individual is just the start.

Selling Statistics

If some or all of your salespeople are missing quota, you aren’t alone.  Take a look at some interesting stats derived from about 650,000 salespeople.  These might help you identify the underlying causes preventing quota attainment on your team.

Build Your Team Of Overachievers