Sample Individual Insights

In order to truly customize sales training and coaching, it is imperative to not only understand core selling or sales management competencies, but it is also critically important to fully understand the underlying issues that can neutralize those competencies on an individual basis. To do this we rely on the Objective Management Group battery of sales-specific evaluation tools.

The OMG tools are the most predictive on the market and are geared solely for sales team members. They have been recognized as the #1 rated sales-specific assessment every year since 2011 by Top Sales World, because they are highly predictive and because they focus on selling, not personality or social behaviors. These evaluations provide the basis for understanding not only an individual’s competencies but also their level of Sales or Sales Management DNA enabling a customized development curriculum to help maximize a team’s and individual’s ability to increase sales at the highest price possible.

Sample Sales Insights

Sample Sales Manager Insights