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Can a Sales Process Help Sell Value?

Discounting and selling in bad economic times seem to go hand in hand, and they shouldn’t. Selling value is the way to avoid discounting. The mindset of the salesperson plays …

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It’s the Kiss of Death in Sales

Tell me, ever hear a salesperson say something like this: “Just had a great meeting. I think there is going to be $100,000 (or $10,000 or $1MM) of business there!” Yet …

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Remember the Journey

My business partner, Casey Brown and I just returned from hiking in Grand Teton National Park. We aren’t technically climbers and we don’t scale rock walls, however, the hike we …

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Right People, Right Seat, Right Comp

It seems sales hiring is heating up and that means we are having more and more conversations about compensation. Too often I see leaders so entrenched in their financial models …

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