Simple Profitability Plan

Watch this brief video which explains the use of the Simple Profitability Plan.

Want to increase revenue and profit? Generating more leads, having more activity and more appointments aren’t the only answers.  Download the Simple Profitability Plan to understand the impact that closing ratio and price can have on your top line and your bottom line.

This tool is designed for leaders to plan for increased revenue and improved profit.  The first page is dedicated to inputs that will help you see the astounding impact that improved closing efficiency at higher prices can have on your revenue and profit.  Then the second page is designed to enable you to set your highest priorities on a quarterly basis.  This tool provides you a platform to stay on track with the most important items to ensure you reach your goals.  And, it is designed to use over and over again each quarter.

NOTE:  For the calculations to work well, download the document first.  Be sure to save it in a folder.  Open the form from within that folder.  Do not attempt to use it on the web or as a download from your email.  It won’t calculate correctly.

And, if you have questions or need any assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out.  We can be reached at

Good luck on your journey to increased revenue and improved profit.

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