Sonitrol Sales Onboarding Forms Repository



Your First Day

First Day Instruction Sheet

Sonitrol Sales Onboarding Topic Sequence

Intro to Sonitrol

Introduction to Sonitrol

Audio Intrusion

Core Panel Products Worksheet

Sample Equipment Layout

Audio Intrusion Layout Quiz

Access Control

Access Control Components Worksheet

Access Control Key Prospects

Access Control Fact Finding Questions

Access Control Glossary of Terms

Access Control Sample Building Layout

Value Proposition

Creating Targeted Value Propositioning Statements

Value of Benefits to Your Client

Three Points of Competitive Differentiation

Goal Setting

Goals Research Summary

Math of Success

Using a Selling System: The Sales Ladder

Sales Ladder Handout

Time and Territory Management

Math of Success

Time and Territory Management Worksheet

Time and Territory Management Suggested Reading

My Productivity Plan

Prospecting, Referral Gathering and Lead Generation

Math of Success

Centers of Influence Worksheet

Prospecting Example Language That Works

Building Relationships to Earn Trust and Respect

DiSC Handout

Understanding Behavioral Profiles


Covenants I Will Use

Questions and Fact Finding

Questions and Fact Finding Guidelines

Benefit-Problem Questions Grid

Exterior Security Notes


15 Steps to Efficient Qualifying

Qualifying Checklist

Video Surveillance

Video Terminology and Concepts

Video Sales Shadowing

Using a CRM to Improve Efficiency

System Expectations

Negotiation and Managing Objections

Handling Sales Objections

Proven Responses to Tough Objections

My Responses for Common Objections


NFPA 72 Fire Alarm System Testing


Checkpoint #1

Checkpoint #2

Checkpoint #3

Checkpoint #4

Checkpoint #5

Observation Courses

Central Station Shadowing Worksheet

Installation Shadowing Worksheet

Customer Service Observation Worksheet

Technical Support Observation Worksheet

Sales Observation Worksheet


TotalGuard FAQ

TotalGuard Glossary of Terms

TotalGuard Sample Design

TotalGuard Sample Layouts