Training to Improve Sales and Pricing Performance

Sales Team Training and Development

The combination of skillset and mindset is key to your sales team’s success.

Even if your salespeople know what to do and have been taught what to say, they often still discount or miss the close.

By addressing the underlying issues secretly sabotaging success, your team can execute to their fullest potential.

Let us work with your team using our comprehensive training and development approach so they deliver profitable sales on repeat.

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What we deliver:

Shorter sales cycles
Higher pricing
Increased profitability
Behavior change
Reduced discounting
Improved qualifying
Increased efficiency

“My sales team was acting like they’d been shot out of a cannon and already I’m seeing results.”

Gene Richau | T&R Lumber Company

Know What To Do.
And Do It Every Time.

Whatever problems your sales team is facing—selling on price, succumbing to customer objections, low-performing salespeople, and more—we’ll create a solution built just for you and your team. Transform your sales organization with our comprehensive suite of services.

Our process guarantees success.

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Our Proven Process for Increasing Profits

We’ve worked with hundreds of companies across countless industries, and we know that off-the-shelf programs and one-size-fits-all approaches don’t work. To implement a long-lasting profit-boosting strategy, we follow a proven process that brings the results you want.

1. Diagnose

Identify relevant roadblocks preventing sales & pricing success.

2. Tailor

Customize the solution for your sales team to accelerate sales.

3. Transform

Build skills to find, qualify, and close more profitable sales faster.

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“In one day, my entire sales staff learned how many products and services we were literally giving away. It was genuinely enlightening to everyone that WE were the ones limiting the price of our services, NOT our customers.”

Michael Berman | Stuart Event Rentals

Our Work

Bringing the whole team up to par

A sales group had some productive salespeople, some not so much, and one very overworked sales manager. Through coaching, sales team development, and better hiring practices we boosted their profits and made sure everyone on the team was performing at their very best.

The results:

139% sales growth in the first year
Streamlined and self-sufficient team
CEO no longer worries about the sales team

Holding strong to your price

Just after COVID-19 hit, we delivered a program to help a sales team stay focused, motivated, and engaged. The team saw a big change in the selling behaviors and confidence…and so did their bottom line.

The results:

Beat their competitors
Won more business at higher prices even during an economic downturn
Increased performance of the sales manager

Boost Team Confidence. Boost Your Profits.